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Nik James won the "Emerging Screenwriter Award 2019" with her short film script "Stalling".


This emotional and unusual coming of age -story captured the team's attention in the first stage of the Initiative and now the script is developing into a beautiful film in the hands of the talented crew.


The film was filmed at Yellow Gum Park during July 2019 and is now in post-production to be completed by October 2019.


...When everyone disappears from the world, Eva & Frankie decide to jump off a cliff, but a fear of dying leads them to stall...



"Stalling" is a coming of age short film about Eva who upon the discovery that everyone on the planet has suddenly disappeared, decides that the only rational solution is to jump off a cliff. Frankie makes her question this decision, forcing her to come to terms with her fear of being vulnerable and her need to belong.

"Stalling" was shot in Melbourne during July 2019 with the talented and passionate crew chosen from the Initiative's crew campaign applicants.


Camille Gerrard (Eva) and Perry Moon (Frankie), found themselves giving their whole heart to the creation of their characters, and we are extremely honoured to have had them help tell their story.

The film would have not been possible to make with out the amazing sponsors Offshoot, Mig Artugue and SAE Creative Media Institute that supported the team with best possible gear and post-production facilities.

We are all excited to see how the film looks like on the silver screen, when the post-production team has done their job. Stay tuned, trailer to be released soon.


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Photos by: Jordan Montgomery