Partnership options

The Future Creatives Initiative is all about supporting women in the Film Industry to have their voices heard and talent recognised. The initiative aims to be a part of a much-needed change in the world – having more women in key creative roles at the table, making decisions and sharing their thoughts, ideas and voices. 


The Initiative is supported by the Melbourne Women in Film Festival. 

By collaborating with the Initiative, brands and sponsors have access to visibility at MWFF and its venues within the Future Creatives Initiative material as well as all events regarding the initiative during the Melbourne Women in Film Festival in 2020 and 2021. 

Partnering with the Initiative can come in many forms however some possibilities include:

  • Branded content in social media

  • Brand collaboration in the produced film

  • VIP screenings and events

Options are unlimited, so contact us for more information and we can tailor a collaboration & partnership package that best suits your brand. 

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