Emerging Screenwriter Award 2019



Scripts will be awarded a score out of 5 points for each of the following criteria:

PREMISE/CONCEPT: The idea behind the story. What the movie is about. The “hook.”

PRESENTATION: Standard spec screenplay or teleplay format (12 pt. Courier font, correct
margins, etc.), as well as spelling, punctuation, grammar and usage.

STRUCTURE: The framework of the script. Effective use of three-act (most common),
odyssey, linear or non-linear story progression.

PLOT: The actions, events, conflicts, and turning points that propel the story forward. How
the story unfolds (points for originality/unpredictability).

PACING: The timing of the action, unfolding of plot elements, and pace of character

CHARACTERS: Personalities that are distinctive, compelling, multi-layered and
unpredictable. A protagonist and antagonist with clear and active goals.

DIALOGUE: Voices that are natural, succinct, and unique to each character. Use of language that effectively reveals character and moves the story forward.

THEME: The underlying message of the story as revealed through the plot, dialogue, and visual elements.

STYLE/TONE: Overall quality of the writing. Tone that is appropriate to the material and a narrative that is distinct, cinematic, and effectively conveys the mood or “feel” of the movie.

PRODUCTION FEASIBILITY: Whether the script be able to be produced with an award budget.

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