Meet the CREW

Future Creatives Initiative started 2018 with the search for finding the next up-and-coming woman Screenwriter in Victoria. Nik James won the "Emerging Screenwriter's Award" with her script "Stalling" and we filmed it in Melbourne in July 2019.

The Initiative ran a crew campaign early 2019 to find passionate emerging filmmakers to make the film with Taival Films.

Meet the talented team behind "Stalling" - without these beautiful people we would not have been able to make the film. 

- Director -

Olivia is a passionate 'go-getter' with a goal to direct films that start conversations. She loves to capture truthful performances and compelling imagery through a gentle approach that is founded on preparation, trust and connection.

- Cinematographer -

We would be nowhere without our cinematographer Nicoletta. She’s the leading lady behind the lens and is working closely with our director Olivia to bring the ‘Stalling’ vision to life 

Olivia Altavilla

Nicoletta Centofanti

- Screenwriter -

Nik is a screenwriter with a passion for eating large bowls of gnocchi and discussing film with her mum. Nik is fascinated by human psychology and loves exploring different relationships and types of connections within the characters she writes.

- 1st Assistant Director -

Clare is an AD who has pursued her passion for film and travel working across the film and TV industry in Australia, London and even Luxembourg. When she is not on set, she shares her spirit for storytelling with the next generation as a secondary school teacher.

Nik James

Clare Wood

- Producer -

Georgie is a producer who loves nothing more than telling a good story. She is a passionate feminist who delights in collaborating with amazing women on all sorts of creative projects. In her spare time, she enjoys cheese, board games and a good karaoke session.

- Casting Manager -

Mud started her career behind the lens, but transitioned into producing immediately after discovering that her favourite parts of production (the management side) could be a job on it's own. 

Georgie Davies

Mud Vonkip

- Production Manager -

Jemma is a production manager working to bring diverse stories to the screen. She is dedicated to telling new stories, finding new voices, and supporting emerging artists. She’s also a keen reader, crossworder, and dog patter.

- Production Manager & on-set Photographer -

George has an extensive business and tourism background. Drawn to visual storytelling, she has practiced travel photography across all 7 continents, and is now pursuing filmmaking at Deakin University. 

Jemma Douglas

George McFarlane

- Production Assistant -

Samantha is an aspiring writer/producer who has a passion for comedy television. Her ultimate life goal is to become an Australia, female version of Mike Schur. She’d also quite like to meet The Spice Girls.

- Production Assistant -

Zemmy is a content producer passionate about top-notch & compelling storytelling whether this is through words, film or photography. Her other favourite pastimes include travel, podcast binging and trying and failing to learn new languages. 

Samantha Phelps

Zemmy Lee

- 1st Assistant Camera -

Originally from a Psychology background and with a keen eye for detail, Rianna loves the multi-faceted layers and collective skills that goes into making a great film. She loves creating and being a part of meaningful pieces in a mad desire to spread positivity. Her other hobbies include reading and playing AFL. 

- 2nd Assistant Camera -

Kevin is a Film Studies student at Swinburne University.  He started out practicing photography and slowly found his passion for cinematography after working as an intern in a production company. If he’s not taking photographs of the cityscape in Melbourne, he’s most likely on a video shoot. 

Kevin Cheong

Rianna Valdes

- Sound Recordist-

Isabella is studying Audio Engineering at SAE. When she isn’t in the studio recording you will often find her location recording for students films and documentaries. In her spare time she likes to rock out at gigs. 

- Sound Recordist -

Jan is currently studying Audio at SAE Institute. She loves everything to do with sound. From booming on set a film, creating foley in the studio and sound editing/mixing in post production - you name it - she is keen to get involved! Jan loves spending time with her dogs and doing all things outdoors.

Jan Wong

Isabella Pelle

- Gaffer & Best Girl-

Evie takes the saying 'lights, camera, action' very seriously. When she is not on set, she is either spending her time binge-watching Netflix or pursuing her love of communications.

- Clapper Loader -

Starting out in the Filmmaking industry, Giovanni strives to find his creative edge and create magical moments with like minded creatives. In his spare time you will find Giovanni on a motorcycle living life one second at a time.

Evie Dartnell

Giovanni Oliva

- Production Designer -

Hayley lives for any reason to get creative. Mostly undertaking set design roles, she has always loved making things and takes any opportunity to dibble dabble into scenic art, painting and illustration.

- Assistant Production Designer -

Phoebe is currently in her third year at uni, studying film at deakin. Working as assistant production designer is exciting to her as she’s always loved creating things, which is why she’s been so drawn to work in film and why she’s so passionate about it. 

Hayley James

Phoebe Giffard

- Editor -

Throughout her career, Louise has sharpened her skills as a story-teller with each project. She has developed a refined sensibility towards the tools of an editor; how rhythm, pace, sound and movement can be employed to help communicate meaning within a story.

- Assistant Editor -

Kate is a recent graduate with a Bachelor in Media and Communications, excited to learn and grow in the filmmaking world. When not exploring her own creative endeavours, Kate is an avid film buff with an affinity for old Hollywood and LGBTQ+ cinema.

Kate McDonald

Louise Mullins

- Colourist -

James is a passionate and hard working colourist who aims for consistency and the ideal colour for every project he works on. He is always trying to find new and interesting ways to correct and grade. When he isn't colour grading, he listens to heavy metal and practises playing either his bass or guitar

- VFX Artist -

Monty is an actor, writer and visual effects artist. When he isn't splitting time between performing and painting pixels, he likes to hunt down the very best cake Melbourne has to offer.

James Mitchell

Monty Burgess


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